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Southern Stamp & Stencil Co

Southern Stamp & Stencil Company has long been recognized as a leader in the marking and identification business. Established in 1918 primarily as a manufacturer of rubber stamps seals signs and stencils it has evolved into a source for hundreds of products to satisfy marking needs encountered in today's business and industry. Although rubber stamps remain as a major product the Royal Mark pre inked stamp has become one of the fastest growing areas of our company. The convenience of a Royal Mark pre inked stamp delivering thousands of clean crisp imprints without a stamp pad has increased its popularity immeasurably. When ordering choose from the popular samples or type styles illustrated or call for additional sizes. We have hundreds of styles to choose from and can have your rubber stamps or pre inked stamps ready for you in one or two days. Whether you need a Notary seal Corporate Lodge Professional Library or a specially designed logo seal we can advise you on the best choice for your particular circumstances. We can provide pocket seals long reach desk seals cast iron seals and electric seals in a wide variety of sizes to match whatever you may have. In most cases we can have your seals ready within the day. Our sign department has evolved from its origins of hand engraving and hand stamping to a modern sign shop capable of producing computer engraved signs hot stamped signs and badges pre spaced vinyl letters and vinyl letter signs and screened signs for all types of applications. Illustrated are a few of our desk signs and name badges. We have many additional lettering styles and desk sign types to choose from. This web site illustrates only a small portion of the products which Southern Stamp & Stencil Company has to offer. We hope it will serve to show how our company can help you in your marking and identification requirements. Our friendly staff is always eager to advise you on any project for you personally or for your company or organization.

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