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Since 1993 Sanford Law Offices has specialized in litigation which simply means using the courts to resolve public and private disputes. The public disputes include criminal cases such as OUI domestic violence and sex abuse charges. Related cases are motor vehicle license suspensions restraining orders and child protection cases brought by the Maine Department of Health & Human Services.The private disputes include divorce child custody guardianship and other family law cases protection orders (abuse and harassment) automobile accidents personal injury and wrongful death claims insurance claims and other litigation such as commercial and contract actions and boundary disputes.Whether it is a public criminal case or a private civil case the court has the authority to resolve the dispute. The court relies on the parties and their legal advocates to present the evidence required to make a decision. Our sole focus is to convince the court to rule in our clients favor based on the evidence and legal arguments presented. We use our knowledge of the law and our reputation as fearless persistent and aggressive adversaries to obtain the most favorable settlement possibl

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