Rapid Plumbing Heating & Air-Los Angeles

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Rapid Plumbing Heating & Air-Los Angeles

With over twenty years experience in the plumbing industry Rapid Plumbing is proud to offer unsurpassed service and the latest technology to our customers.The Hydro JetThe best way to restore pipes to their original capacity! Highly pressurized water is shot through a specially designed head which works its way down a pipe emulsifying grease sludge even roots anything in its path. Without a doubt the most effective and long lasting method of cleaning pipes.In-Line Camera and LocatorYou'll be able to actually see the problem within your pipe. Pinpointing the exact location allows us to diagnose more effectively saving you money.Electronic Leak DetectionUsing an electronic leak detector we can locate underground problems quickly. Slab breakage and repairs are kept to a minimum and that means less costly job.Re-piping and Plumbing RepairReplace that old galvanized water pipe with copper plumbing or your leaking sewer pipes with ABS for years of working of worry-free use. Water heater disposal or faucet problems. These are just some of major manufacturers that we proudly install and service.Re-LiningOur Re-Lining system is state of the art. We now have the ability to re-line your old sewer line instead of replacing it. When you re-line your sewer it eliminates all cracks leaks holes or roots that may be causing trouble to your system. Walls floors foundations driveways landscapes and sidewalks will remain intact during the process saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Website : http://rapidplumbing.net

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