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Gulf Coast Pressure Washing Pro

Gulf Coast Pressure Washing Pro. We use hot water (Versus) Chemicals Most cold-water pressure washing companies use chemicals like Chlorine or Bleach to kill mold this is not good for your plants or grass. Hot water pressure washing services are called upon to do the job for the toughest cleaning applications. Anytime oil or grease residue is involved hot water is a must. Removing oil and grease from concrete driveways and pavers are examples of when hot water is a must also situations where sanitation is a concern for example food processing and restaurant kitchens. Cleaning vehicles that are covered with road grime and film is another example of when hot water cleans better and are also faster thus reducing labor costs. If your cleaning operation will be intermittent and not involve oil and grease mold Paver Sealer Bubble Gum Removal From Concrete a cold-water unit should be enough. These are a few of the factors that help you decide between a cold or hot water pressure washer. For more details in helping you choose the right system for your application please contact the professionals at Gulf Coast Pressure Washing Pro.

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