Dupont Animal Care Center

534 E Dupont Rd
Fort-Wayne, IN, US, 46825
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Dupont Animal Care Center

Dupont Animal Care Center Has Everything Your Pet Deserves. We have required vaccinations for Boarding. Vaccinations are required yearly. Please bring a current copy for us to keep on file. For Dogs we need Rabies DHLPP or DHPP Bordetella ( Kennel Cough). For Cats we need Rabies RCCP Feline Leukemia. ( Strongly Encouraged but not mandatory for inside cats.) All Customers must leave contact information where they can be reached in case of an emergency. i.e. cell phone number and name of hotel etc. Your pet may bring 3 toys and something washable to sleep on ( such as pet pads blankets beds slee0ping bags etc.) Please NO bed pillows. We will not be responsible if belongings are destroyed or lost. We provide food feeding and water bowls plus litter litter pans and sleeping mats for cats. Our VIP Service is EXTRA time spent with your pet ( on a one on one basis.) This time is usually spent as a walk on a leash on an enclosed fenced yard. The service is $1.50 per 10-15 minute time period outside or within the building during inclement weather. ( $3 if twice daily.) Boarding Fee 1-20 lbs. -$13.00 per day 21-60 lbs. $14.00 per day over 60 lbs. $15.00 per day. Discount given for multiple pets. Day Boarding ( 8am-6pm) $10 per day for all weights of dogs. Cats $11 per day ( per cat) Discount given for multiple pets-Day Boarding ( 8am-6pm) $8.00 per Cat Monthly Rate ( 30 Days or Longer) $8.00 per Cat

Phone No : 2604897100

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