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Cavalier Protection Services

So the government owes you money...sometimes BIG MONEY!! IMPORTANT: ACTION REQUIRED There are government filing deadlines so pay attention...dont miss out!! Our auditing process finds government records accounts transactions and or processing errors benefitting you! Cavalier Protection Services audits government records specifically identifying money held and not released to the rightful owner. You see the state government gets to keep the money if it is left past the claim file deadline!!! We will find and recover your funds on a contingency basis (that means no upfront cost to you). We will NEVER ask you to pay anything out-of-pocket. If we’re successful in recovering these funds only then are we paid a percentage of what we help you recover. You keep the lion’s share of course. What’s the Catch? No catch at all. If the money we found in the auditing process is yours we get paid a finders fee for our companies work. If the money is not yours then we do not get paid. We do not ask for any money in advance from you and we only get paid if we get you money! Get started today . Give us a call so we can begin the claim processing. We will first verify the money we found is yours and we will go and get it! No work is required on your part. We file everything and we only get paid if and when we get you money! Costs absolutely nothing to proceed. However Audit deadlines are short. Once closed the claim is forfeited forever. HOW MUCH? Contact us via yellow button below RIGHT NOW !

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